Housing Outcome Submission Form

Led by TechEquity Collaborative, a group of housing-focused organizations are conducting this survey to study the impact of algorithm-backed tenant screening technology. Here, you may submit details of an application for yourself or on behalf of an applicant. Please have applicant, property, and application details ready.

Privacy Policy

Please read the privacy policy and select one of the following:

I consent to providing my information and housing experiences to TechEquity Collaborative (individual)

I have received consent from the housing applicant to provide their information and housing experiences (organization submitting on behalf of client)

Email address is optional and will only be used to find and delete your info should you request it. You may remove your consent and participation in the research at any time by emailing research@techequitycollaborative.org. If you choose to do so, TechEquity will delete your data within 21 days of receiving your request. For more on our privacy policy click here.

Consent to Share

Please check this optional box if you would like to grant TechEquity consent to discuss your application details with a lawyer. Note that no personally identifying information is collected or shared via this form.

I give consent for TechEquity to share my information with attorneys should they determine that I may have experienced discrimination or other illegal treatment